A Field of Wildflowers

The past couple of weeks I’ve been preoccupied with working the bugs out of my new multi-modal commute, consequently all of my riding time has been spent in the city on my Brompton. In my absence, Spring — outfitted in her full regalia — snuck in the back door while I wasn’t looking and transformed my local riding environs from the drab gray of late winter into an explosion of blooming color. While my Brommie seems perfectly content dodging cabs and pedestrians in the concrete jungle, my Tour Easy is much happier lounging in a field of wildflowers.

2 Responses to “A Field of Wildflowers”

  • Tom says:

    I am also interested in using a bicycle as my primary means of transport. I do live 25 miles from my work place and have made the commute several times, however I usually drive a pickup 1/2 way and commute that way. I have a dream of doing the 25 (50 round trip) miles on a regular basis but hate my Trek 7.2 upright. Well I don’t hate the bike but I hate the sore butt, numb hands, sore neck, and general lack of comfort found on it. I have looked at recumbents for years, and have the funds saved to purchase one but don’t want to make an expensive mistake. I have almost settled on the Cycle Genius Raven. Any thoughts?

  • andy parmentier says:

    i butt in to say i JUST saw a review for the cycle genius raven in recumbent and tandem rider magazine-(a free magazine that my local recumbent shop keeps in stock).
    i really like the new dual 26″ low bottom bracket long wheelbase format-also done by rans. i am happy with my tour easy (700c/451 format). i just really like low bottom bracket/long wheelbase -and i’d say, take the raven for a test spin and see if you like the handling..steering geometry..seat..it looks like a really well done ‘bent

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