75421 and a Big Fat Zero

7 days, 5 people, 4 bags, 2 bikes, 1 trip, 0 cars. With a little careful packing we were able to haul seven day’s worth of groceries for five people (two average adults, three ravenous teenagers) in the four panniers on our two grocery-getters. By combining the grocery run with a stop to “refuel” on yellow curry at our favorite Thai restaurant, we turned what could have been a chore into quite an enjoyable outing, and we didn’t burn a single drop of gas in the process. Aren’t bikes cool?

6 Responses to “75421 and a Big Fat Zero”

  • Jofegaber says:

    Yes!!!! very cool!!!!

    you are my hero!!!!

  • Peter says:

    This is perfect example how family life can be integrated in car free life.

    Some peoply namely say to me that I can live without a car only till I am single and have no family.

  • Alan says:

    Some peoply namely say to me that I can live without a car only till I am single and have no family.

    Hi Peter,

    I don’t believe it has to be all or nothing. A bike set up for commuting and errands can be had for not much money. Then just make one trip here, one trip there, and keep building over time. In the meantime, keep the car for when you must use it. If, at some point, the car ends up parked a majority of the time, you can always decide to sell it then. I think it’s an trap that’s easy to fall into, the idea that it’s car-free or nothing. For us, it’s been a relatively easy transition so far. Yes, we still use the car, but cutting our mileage by 75-80% is nothing to scoff at, and it’s great practice for the day when we’re able to go 100% car-free.

    Take care,

  • Roland Smith says:

    For me there is a difference in shopping car-style and shopping bike-style.

    Shopping car-style is going to the supermarket once a week (probably on a Saturday, when everyone is doing the same) and loading up the car to the roof. This includes a lot of heavy lifting. and loooong lines at the checkout.

    Shopping bike-style is making a short detour after work to fill up my Radical Design Allfa bag. Forget something? No sweat, I’ll get it next day. And I never get more than fits in my bag. Much more relaxed

  • jofegaber says:


    How many kilometers – miles often do you?

  • Alan says:

    My commute averages around 12 miles. Our combo errand/leisure rides are often longer. I no longer track my mileage, so I can’t give you an accurate number, but I ride almost everyday.


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